WHF Recycles

Some ways we keep it green

We do reuse shipping boxes/envelopes (we receive) in several ways:

  • They can be cut into templates.
  • They can be cut down to use in other shipments.
  • They can be used to ship to you.

Fabrics and Supplies

While the main items here are our cool fabric hand fans, the accessories are made from remnants after cutting out the fan parts.  We'll use pieces in clothing that can be found at!  We even have plans to use the smallest of the natural fiber scraps in an upcoming'll have to check back for that.  You see we aim to use every bit of the supplies we bring in and send very little to the landfill.  

Yes, we do use plastic spines, but that allows you to reuse them in your other washable hand fans.  Remember when you are getting your second, third, or tenth fan, you don't have to get the spines if you already have a set.

We even reuse the paper that come from our labels.  Did you know that the back side of a lot of shipping label paper is like regular paper?  We keep a stack of it for in-house printing, notes, scrap, and to sketch new ideas.

We don't send paper invoices, shipping lists, packing lists, waybills, or packing slips unless mandatory (usually for international or larger orders) because you receive these type of items electronically.


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