Kona Cotton Solids Color Swatch Palette for Serif DrawPlus

Published by Shelbi on 2nd Apr 2015

I use Kona® Cotton solids - a lot!  Normally when creating coordinated fabric groups I just use the actual fabrics, but sometimes that's not always possible because I haven't bought them, yet or I am trying to decide which fabric to buy.  I started using  Serif DrawPlus (alternative to Adobe Illustrator) to lay out fabric groups and fill in pattern pieces with approximate colors.  Then I realized that I could just save them as a palette to use any time.

I added the colors two different ways.  

The first group  Kona® Cotton Solids;

  • created by using a color picker so the result is the color of the fabric as the computer sees it in pixels.
  • the colors are saved by [NAME ###] i.e., POOL 45
  • sortable by NAME, Hue, RGB

 The second group, Kona® Cotton Solid Fills; 

  • were created from the images from RK web site.
  • may show a little texture and a slightly different color than the first group 
  • the colors are saved by [### Name] i.e., 0045 POOL
  • the colors are in numerical order
  • are not sortable

Click one of the images to download DrawPlus color swatch/palette files.  The files are on my Google Drive and it opens right to VIEWING so click the download button at the top.  

Before opening DrawPlus, you should place a copy of the palette file into (for Windows 7) C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\Roaming\Serif\DrawPlus\13.0\Palettes for DP6 and change the 13.0 to 14.0 for version 8.  By putting it in the folder it will show up in palette drop down menu.

If you have a Mac or different version of Windows, let me know where it goes and I can update it here.

Click to download Kona® Cotton Solids Palette for DrawPlus 6    Click to download Kona® Cotton Solids Palette for DrawPlus 8

I also found a download for Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/Photoshop Elements on after I did mine, oh well, what's done is done!

Hope you find this helpful!

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