About Washable Hand Fans

Even during cold weather in layers of clothes, YOU’RE HOT!  

During the holidays, you've been cookin’ all day?  YOU’RE HOT!

Sitting in a meeting or at your desk, heat blastin’?  YOU’RE HOT!

Got your best dress on, going to the club?  YOU’RE HOT!

Watching TV, a hot flash coming on?  YOU’RE HOT!

Why not have a couple of WASHABLE fabric hand fan that are durable enough to stay in your bag or purse and it can be washed?! 

Somebody spill something on it, wash it.  Sit on it by mistake, not a problem…

one of those old paper or bamboo fans would just break up in your bag and certainly couldn't survive a spill.

Washable Hand Fans aren’t for hot weather;

 They’re for HOT LADIES, like you!

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