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About Big Gurl Cloz

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Cute comfortable clothes for your little big girl & the other cute and curvy grown up girls in your life!

For the conservative sexy edge

Cute, Comfortable, Curvy

While I have never really been a 'fashion horse', I have always been into being Big Gurl Cloz Cute Comfortable Curvy TM! 

I have been wearing Big Gurl Cloz TM all of my life and had difficulties finding the comfortable and cute clothes made for my body type that I would actually WANT to wear. Even today when there are many more options, I still have trouble finding "that conservative sexy edge" because as we all know "tight does not equal sexy!" Now I will try my hand at it. I know I can't be the only one that craves "that conservative sexy edge!" and wants to be Big Gurl Cloz Cute Comfortable Curvy TM!